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Dive Into Dab Rigs at Mull Up

Welcome to the forefront of innovation and precision at Mull Up, where we’re not just about smoking; we’re about crafting experiences. As part of our mission to cater to every aspect of your herbal journey, we introduce you to the distinctive world of dab rigs. A choice for the connoisseur, dab rigs offer a unique way to enjoy concentrates, delivering purity and intensity of flavour that’s unparalleled in the smoking realm.

Understanding Dab Rigs, what are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are specialised types of water pipes designed for the consumption of oils and concentrates, often referred to as dabs. They’re meticulously engineered to cool and filter vapour for a smooth, flavourful hit that captures the essence of the concentrate without the harshness of direct combustion.

Why Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs have gained popularity for several compelling reasons, making them a fascinating choice for those looking to deepen their appreciation of their herbs:

  • Intensity of Flavour: Concentrates are known for their potency and richness in flavour. Dab rigs are designed to preserve these qualities, offering an experience that truly honours the essence of the concentrate.
  • Efficiency: A little goes a long way with dab rigs. They are incredibly efficient, requiring only a small amount of concentrate to achieve a powerful effect.
  • Control: With dab rigs, you have more control over the temperature, allowing for a customised experience that can highlight different aspects of the concentrate’s flavour and potency.
  • Innovation: The world of dab rigs is one of constant innovation, with designs that range from the elegantly simple to the delightfully complex. They’re not just tools; they’re pieces of art that reflect the cutting edge of smoking technology.

Discovering Your Dab Rig with Mull Up

At Mull Up, our selection of dab rigs is curated to offer both newcomers and veterans a doorway into the refined world of concentrate consumption. Whether you’re drawn to the intensity of the experience, the purity of flavour, or the sheer novelty of the method, our dab rigs are here to transform your understanding and enjoyment of your favourite concentrates.

Embarking on Your Dab Rig Journey

Explore our collection at Mull Up and discover the perfect dab rig that matches your curiosity and taste. From sleek, simple designs to elaborate pieces that command attention, our dab rigs are more than just a method of consumption—they’re an invitation to experience your concentrates in a whole new light. Join us in this sophisticated journey, and let’s elevate your sessions to realms of flavour and intensity you’ve never imagined.

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