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Showing 1–48 of 159 results

Discover Beaker Bongs at Mull Up

Nestled comfortably within our collection, beaker bongs stand out for their distinctive shape and unwavering performance. Borrowing the silhouette of a science lab beaker, these bongs offer a smoother, more stable smoking experience.

Why choose a beaker bong?

  • Stable Base: The wide base ensures your bong stays put, reducing spills and mishaps. No more heart-stopping moments when you accidentally knock the table.
  • Cooler Smoke: Thanks to their generous chamber size, beaker bongs cool the smoke better than their straight-tube counterparts, delivering a smoother hit that’s easier on the throat.
  • Bigger Hits: The large base also allows for more water, which means better filtration and the ability to take larger hits. Perfect for when you want to go a little extra.
  • Easy to Clean: The simple design isn’t just visually appealing; it makes cleaning a breeze. Spend less time on maintenance and more on enjoyment.
  • Durability: Often made from thick, quality glass, beaker bongs are built to last. They’re a solid investment for any enthusiast.

At Mull Up, we believe in quality, relaxation, and the joy of a good session. Explore our collection of beaker bongs and find your next companion for those laid-back moments.

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