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Showing 1–48 of 85 results

Why Our Metal stem and cone Bongs?

  • Built for Real Life: They’re as ready for adventure as you are.
  • Style Points: Add some metal to your collection for that cool, edgy vibe.
  • Easy Peasy: Cleaning is a breeze, leaving more time for the fun stuff.
  • Bang for Your Buck: Quality meets affordability in our metal range.

Cool to the Core: Metal conducts heat differently, which means these bongs get cool to the touch faster after use.

Travel-Friendly: Our metal stem bongs are the ultimate travel buddies. You won’t have to worry about them breaking in your bag as much as glass stem. Whether you’re road-tripping or just heading to a friend’s place, these bongs are ready for the journey.

Super Easy to Clean: No fuss, no muss. Metal bongs are super straightforward to clean. A bit of soaking and rinsing, and you’re good to go. Spend less time cleaning and more time chilling.

Affordability: Metal is cheaper than Glass stems to produce.

Mullup Smoke Shop – Quality bongs, cheapest in Australia, shipped fast.